Kashmir Hour

On Friday 30 August 2019, the staff of the Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy at NetSol joined the entire nation of Pakistan to observe "Kashmir Hour" in response to the Prime Minister' call to express solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. After decades of gruesome human rights violations and dastardly denial of right of self determination in blatant violation of the United Nations resolution, things have taken a turn for the worse in Kashmir valley where the BJP government has unleashed a new wave of terror and brutalities followed by the abolishment of Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution. This indeed is a dark moment in the contemporary human history posing a grave threat to the world's peace and order and fomenting a possible nuclear war in the region. The United Nations must play a proactive role and establish the legitimacy of its mandate to ensure and secure the fundamental human right of expression of free will of the people of Kashmir. The international community must take immediate cognisance of the irresponsible and fanatic act of the Modi government and rescue the oppressed people of Kashmir from the barbaric onslaught and systemic tyranny let loose by the Indian Security apparatus and RSS extremists. The participation by BIPP symbolises the commitment and support of the wide spectrum and strata of Pakistani society including the think tanks and knowledge based organisations to inherent and fundamental right of the people of Kashmir to determine their own destiny. It also serves to articulate and convey a strong message to the occupying forces that their inhuman and cruel deeds in Kashmir valley will not be tolerated or condoned.

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